About Us

Bug-pro services a subsidiary of so-kleen ltd is a professional pest management company offering complete pest control services for residential, commercial and industrial establishments in Nigeria.

Bug-pro services was formed to provide premium, professional, preventive & reactive pest control services.

At Bug-pro services we pride ourselves in providing a professional, friendly & efficient service, offering advice on prevention & control of insect, animal pests & proofing of premises.

We offer a comprehensive range of pest prevention/control services to domestic & commercial premises at competitive rates and can design contracts to suit individual requirements.

Our goal at Bug-pro is to offer you the best possible service in pest control, from your first contact with the company and then throughout the duration of the work.


  • General pest control
  • Mosquito treatment
  • Bedbug treatment
  • Termite control
  • Fumigation
  • Rodent control
  • Carpet treatment


    Our philosophy is to give our clients a customized pest control program that meets their needs, while placing priority on safety, health and the environment. We perform this by educating and informing the public about the pest control industry along with what to expect from a preferred pest management program. Once educated & informed, the public is confident about making a decision regarding pest control services.

    We have earned an excellent reputation by customizing pest management programs for our clients and know you will feel confident in choosing Bug-pro services for all of your pest management need.


    STEP 1: Our technician will conduct a full property inspection before going ahead with the treatment to determine the level of infestation, entry points and the most appropriate removal method for the current situation.

    STEP 2: We use only approved pesticides and pest control equipment to ensure full eradication of all insects and vermin. We strive to use eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic substances, whenever possible.

    STEP 3: We also offer pest proofing services to prevent future infestations. If guaranteed service is organized, we can make two additional visits to your property within 3 months after the first procedure and proceed with the treatment if needed. You will also receive free pest control advice on how to protect your home or office from rodents and insects for good.


    The Bug-pro Promise is to; respond to calls within 2 hours, offer a polite and professional pest control service, ensure due diligence is observed at all times, be accountable for all pest control works carried out, eradicate and protect against future pest infestation.