Tiny cockroaches in your commercial kitchen, bedbugs in your hotel beds and rodents taken over your facility/business.

Take control of your business with a commercial pest control contract from us

At Bug-pro we understand the importance of having a pest free environment in the workplace, whether it be a restaurant or commercial offices. With our comprehensive pest solution programs, our certified and highly trained technicians coupled with our state of art equipment, we’re confident to solve any commercial pest problems with guarantee.


At Bug-pro we can establish a maintenance program to ensure your business is on top of any pest problem. Pest control contracts are important to prevent pest problems from recurring. Contracts give you peace of mind and help you to comply with the law resulting in you maintaining your goodwill and saving you money in the long run

A commercial pest control contract is required due to the following:

  • You should comply with the law.
  • Protect your staff and customers from disease, such as salmonella.
  • Reduce the likelihood of bad publicity and loss of custom.
  • Protect your building, computers and machinery from damage, or even a fire, from rodents gnawing.
  • Reduce the loss of stock or goodwill due to contamination.
  • Prove that you care about the business, your customers and your staff.
  • Give yourself peace of mind.
  • Save yourself money in the long run.